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Some of my posts are my own - sometimes they are thoughts, ideas or work-related and academic related materials of my own. Yet, for the posts which I share; be it videos (via youtube) or materials (via scribd and other sites) which are not my own, I hereby express millions gratitude and give full credit to the original uploader. My intention are not to take credit for them- only to share them to spread love, knowledge and opinion.

Thank you.
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The use of verbs in sentences
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28th June 2016...7.18 p.m.

      I am a couple pounds heavier(well, okay, more than a couple pounds) a couple of year older, and hopefully a lot wiser. HOHOHO...Keeping my fingers crossed that I won't hibernate again- well, at least not that long, lah.

    Well..My first born was in primary school when I started this blog. Now she is in secondary school, Form two. My third was the youngest then..and now, she has a three year-old sister. How times fly..I have a lot of things to share..but let us get to it bit by bit. Bear with me guys....

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Every year, there will be a time where I would be facing the biggest dilemma, when it comes to my kids. The end of August means the start of September, and September comes hand in hand with a little big 'event' called UPSR. UPSR, for me is like- an itch on my back. I am dying to scratch it but the risk of having that itch turn into a blister is always there. I almost can't wait for UPSR to come and get it over with but on the other hand I am also very apprehensive, because I am so afraid for my kids, are they ready? Can they apply all the things that we had taught them? How will their result be like? Had I done enough? Could I have given more? Still- ready or not, UPSR will not wait. UPSR is coming in two weeks time. I am keeping my fingers crossed- hopefully my kids, or kids will be able to sail through, get good results and make their family and school proud. In God we trust. Amen.
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Teaching of Listening and Speaking

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Educational Psychology Assignment 2012